Erasmus Program

The Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana is part

of a consortium of schools in Europe belonging

to the Erasmus program. In part, students

attending Erasmus member schools

can spend a semester studying at a partner

school for no additional tuition.  One of the

most unique features of Erasmus is that teachers

may also go on one-week exchanges.  Students in

exchange schools benefit from a visit by David

Johnson and  students at CSI receive lessons with

a series of guest artists.  


David has traveled to Leipzig, Helsinki, Oslo, Prague, Brno, Cluj, Budapest, Porto, and London for an exchange. In return the horn students of CSI have had the experience of studying with Thomas Hauschild, Erja Joukamu-Ampuja, Jindrich Petras, Froydis Ree Wekre, Frank Lloyd,  Zdenek Divoky, and Roger Montgomery.













DJ in Prague DSC_0827